Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Political priorities

If you were to ask who in our house is more involved with politics these days, or really anyday, it is Michael. I hope that one day he has the opportunity to teach history at a college level. He is so knowledgable and really inspiring when I realize how much I don't know about our nation's history and the old adage rings true......history always repeats itself.

Recently, with the rest of the country, we have watched and discussed the presidential candidates as the primarys are in full swing. As a public school teacher, I am surrounded with many friends and coworkers that have a different views politically. At the end of the day, it boils down to your political priorities. It kills me how many people make the statement "I don't know anything about anyone - I don't watch any of that stuff" Granted, I know it is not fun family entertainment and after a full day of my mind going crazy, I am not ususally dying to turn on to Glenn Beck or Hannity and Colmes. However, where has the personal responsiblity of knowing who you are voting for gone? Why, as Americans, are we so apathetic about our freedom and the cost it was and STILL IS to so many families? Why are we so passionate about voting for a party instead of the person?

I will be the first to say, I am not throughly impressed at this point with anyone running. All four candidates have a weak view of national security which, to me, is a major priority. Last week I learned that Obama, a candidate, refuses to stand and say the pledge or sing our national anthem. He was also voted "most liberal senator of 2007" by the National Journal for reasons such as voting against a foreign policy that allows the US to listen to phone calls made inside the US to other countries suspected of terriorist organizations and claiming that a baby born of an unsuccessful abortion (aka a LIVE birth) is still not considered human. To be honest, it scares me how many I work with and know that are considering voting for a man who has little to no patriotism or concern for the future of America. All that they see is he is a Democrat, African-American, and claims "It is time for a change"

I understand that regardless of who is in the presidential position God is still on his throne and in control. I understand that this world is not my home and I will never be comfortable here. I understand that the bible states that we are to PRAY for our government and leadership (we cannot assume that that means they are Christians) (1 Tim. 2:1-3)

At the end of the day, at least be able to articulate why you stand beside the candidate you are voting for and not just the image they withhold. Know their views instead of just complaining about candidates and voting for someone due to a party. Be an educated voter and speak up. The freedom we know now may change due to many ignorant people not taking the time to find out why they are chosing their candidate and the priorities they stand beside.


Anonymous said...

VERY WELL SAID! I'm not very impressed with any one of the candidates. Even founder of Focus on The Family, Dr. James Dobson, wrote a letter saying that he will probably not vote for this first time because he can not support a candidate that sways back and forth.
Between you and me, I could see you as a guest on CNN talking about politics:0)
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for you to start writing more on here!