Saturday, May 31, 2008

BIG POST.......little news

I started this "blog world" in January as one of my best friends Ashley convinced me I would love it. My immediate response was "Not until I have kids....I have nothing to really blog - I am never home" Well, 3 months later, my point is proven. My last post was in February. We don't have the most cooperative computer considering it is used for Michael's school, work, and church so getting a hold of it long enough to blog has been another challenge in and of itself. So for all you avid blog readers - I am sorry for the disappointment. It is my goal to do better but no promises until little ones arrive :)
Until then, I will fill you in on our life by this enormous post with very little news......

I just finished my first year of teaching Kindergarten. After teaching middle school, this was a breeze, enjoyable, memorable, and by far - a blessing. I consider each of my students entrusted to me for a purpose - to love on them and openly talk about God's love for them and His creation. It has been an honor to teach under a principal who told me in his interview "I consider it my personal responsiblity that every child who walks through these doors knows about Christ - that is why I am very intentional about who I hire here." When he asked me what grade I would prefer I told him I would happily scrub toliets under his leadership. He is the perfect example of a godly, unapoligectic man doing a secualar job the way Christians should. It brings a whole new light of ministry and the public school. I wonder what the system would be like if we had more strong, growing Christian, conservative men lead and back down to no one but God. We have definately grown passive as a Christian culture.

The other day one I asked my children what they needed to do if they couldn't spell a word. They all echoed "sound it out!!" I said "What do you do if you get stuck? Do you just quit?" (answer I was looking for was "No, ask a friend") One of my little boys, Morgan, yelled out "You can ask Jesus to help you!!" I was thrilled that if some of my children can't walk away from my room knowing all 78 sight words but on their own one little one knew Jesus would help him no matter what - something we talk about often. It has been one week since school has been out......I really miss my little ones. What a joy it is to wake up excited to go to work - even until the very end. Even though I will have a new group in 2 months, this group will always have a deep impression on my heart....

Our field trip to the Gallatin Police Dept.

My attempt at a picture for our Kindergarten diplomas. Notice the tounge sticking out, hand signs, mad faces, and looking around.....welcome to the world of Kindergarten!! :)

Michael is going on his 3rd year of youth ministry at Long Hollow Gallatin this summer. What a blessing and honor it has been to do ministry together and watch so many families be changed for the better. We have grown from a youth ministry of 8 to 60 in the last 3 years and have in some ways, been parents to many of our teenagers. We love them all. It has been so neat to watch Michael grow as a youth pastor. I still find myself looking at him thinking, "I got to marry HIM??!" He is excellent at what he does. He is patient, detailed, funny, consistant, and firm. It really is an honor to stand beside him as his wife.

Michael with two of our favs - Coy and Hall

My Connect Group girls

The whole crew on a Sunday - larger than a photo :)

We tell Hall and Ronald that they are our kids. We feed them,
pick them up, discipline them and LOVE them. Might as well be!!

Over Spring Break we took several of our youth to Gulfport, MS to help with Hurricane Katrina relief. It is amazing how much work has been accomplished down there from the church in general. Many families are still in FEMA trailers but as of July they are taking those trailers away due to the chemicals they are releasing and causing a lot of people there to be sick. We did various projects such as hang drywall, paint a porch, yardwork, mud drywall etc. It is always fun to me to watch teenagers get out of their comfort zone and be fulfilled and satisfied serving God in the oddest ways. Many times what they would NEVER do at home.
Krista, Ethan, Cameron, and Hall laying a bamboo floor
Kelly raking and doing a fine job :)

Ronald mudding and John-John measuring and hanging drywall

This was Hall, Ronald, and John John's first time to see the beach.
They were so excited and cute. I felt like a mom trying to capture their every move :)

In May, two of my bestest friends got married. Adrienne and Daniel got married on May 4 outside. It was beautiful :) I love them together. It was a blast!!

May 24th, Stacy and Landon got married. What a great couple. Now all of us college roomies are married off. I do not think I prayed harder for any one's husband than Adrienne, Stacy, or Tara. I love them and the men God set apart for them. I look forward to many MANY memories to come and we live life together.

As for the rest of the summer we have camp, work, mission trips, vacation, and the beginning of many things ahead. For all of you that think of us, pray for us, encourage us and challenge us. Know we know who you are.....we love and appreciate you all!! Thanks for taking the time to be filled in on our lives.


Anonymous said...

so sweet. i love you girl! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yeay, you finally posted again! I loved seeing pictures from all the things I've heard about. I love you sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of neat stuff going on for you guys! It's neat to hear and see pictures of all that is going on at the Gallatin campus, and I had no clue you were a kindergarten teacher!! I bet you are great at that!

Carrigan Family said...

Traci - love you!! Addie wants to see you soon - everyday we drive by - "Traci Michael home - I go their house?" Maybe I'll just drop her off one day :). I can't wait for the "little post ..... BIG NEWS"!!! All in His time as we know .....

love you so much,
mary lee

ChristinK said...

We'll be praying for your summer!! Sweet post!

Katie and Shae said...

I am SO excited that you are a blogger! I love reading about what yall are up to... about the triathlon. shae just finds them online... there's apparently a triathlon "season" ... it's still going on now, so maybe just google triathlon in your area, and hopefully one will come up! this one that he did is a yearly triathlon, and i think a lot of them are. i am due june 27... so soon, but not soon enough! we are ready for Judah to arrive!

Audrey said...

great reading what you guys have been up to.

blessings- audrey

Paul & Heather said...

Traci -

I came across your blog via facebook, and have enjoyed getting caught up on your life :) :)

Heather (Hagood) Bruce