Sunday, July 25, 2010

The last three months....

Every year, May to July feels like a blur. With life about to get even crazier, I would love to make this a weekly journal as opposed to an every three months "catch up" session. More so for me to capture the moments and memories now then trying to recall them years down the road.
The biggest news we received was shortly after Landon's 1st birthday in April. That truly is a day I will never forget. We were surprised and excited to find out in March that baby #2 would be making his/her appearance come November. I had to go back after an initial visit with my OB as my doctor wanted to monitor a common cyst I had. Michael decided last minute to go with me. I insisted that it wasn't necessary and I would be in and out of there in no time. He went anyways. We had already seen the little peanut so at 13 weeks I was anxious to see more of the peanut as I knew by this point I would be able to see the head, body, arms, and legs more clearly. A tech and a trainee were both in the room during the ultrasound. I was doing my best to be patient as the trainee kept asking questions about the machine but the more the seconds passed, the sicker I felt as I could not make out a baby on the screen. Knowing they could not tell me if anything was wrong, I sensed something was when the tech asked me how far along I was at my previous ultrasound. "8 weeks," I said. Nothing....they both looked at each other, the tech sat down with my pictures that had spit out, and the trainee kept scanning me. This felt like an eternity although I am sure it was merely seconds.
Finally, I piped up - "Um....what am I looking at? I haven't seen a baby and I can't see a heartbeat. What is that?"
"Well sweetie," the tech said, "You aren't looking at a baby. You are looking at babIES"
"WHAT??!!!" - my response
"Well - there you have it" - Michael
As soon as the ultrasound was over, I ran out of the office and stood next to the elevators to call my mom before the doctor called me back. She seemed a little uneasy that 30 minutes into the appointment I was already calling. "Well, you know how I have told you I have felt so sick and different this go round? It is because you are going from three grandchildren to FIVE." If you can't imagine, she was screaming :) "TWINS! Ray!! TRACI IS HAVING TWINS!!" Needless to say, the conversation on the way to the doctor appointment was quite different than the conversation on the way home from the doctor appointment. When we got home and Patti asked how the appointment went Michael casually told her, "Traci is great and BOTH of the babies are good" "WHAT??!!!!" Her many years of baby clothes shopping sure is coming in handy!!
We are thrilled, excited, overwhelmed, overjoyed, excited, thrilled, overwhelmed, overjoyed.....everything. Both our families were elated and people were wild as the news spread. We are so blessed and looking forward to an even FULLER life. I did die laughing as Michael later told me, "I didn't really realize we were having twins until you told me all 3 kids can't fit in either one of our cars" HA!! It is funny how and when the reality of 2 more at once hit us...
This summer I have been nesting more than normal as I have gotten bigger faster and Landon has kept me on my toes. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home from teaching for a little while and for that, I am so thankful. We found out in June while Michael was at camp that the twins are GIRLS! Barry was right :) He said he would bet anyone $500 they were girls. This summer, much like any other, has been full of camp, mission trips, get togethers with the youth, swim days, a vacation and much more. Here are just a few pictures to catch you up on the last few months....we are SO excited about what is to come :)

landon at his first birthday dinner

The whole family loved our week at Seagrove this summer. It was especially fun to watch the boys play together.....the years ahead are about to be more full and fun!!

jack and landon played chase everyday and landon learned how to scream!!

knox and landon exploring together

all of us taking the mornings slow while barry cooked breakfast

jelly toast with nene

knox, landon, and jack

wanting to ride with year landon

hanging out with pa-paw

thank you to the random lady on the beach who felt this picture needed to be taken....sweet

He loves his daddy reading to him before bed every night

Sometimes he is really quiet ...just looking at books

we call this "his little corner." He can spend forever just playing here.

hanging out at the pool with mom, ruthie, and lydia

his favorite seat in the house

he took cousin mia over to "his little corner" and they played and played

He loves this rocket and has learned to match the shapes and colors

happy, happy, happy, anytime outside

Our first annual Redneck Olympics with the teenagers....
pictures are worth 1000 words.....and blackmail :)

Just a couple pics from camp at Horn's Creek

The group we took to St. Louis to help a church canvas neighborhoods and run a week of soccer camp. I had a BLAST cooking and hanging out with our kids while Landon had his own "staycation" with the grandparents

Brant apparently thought he was having twins too :)

Michael's famous quote before reaching security at the Arch
"Don't be a moron....I can't fix stupid"

It was a lot of fun riding in a Wonka-vator but slightly freaky too

roller skating with the big kids....
we are ready to roll with the next adventure!!


Ruth Ann said...

Love the update, but please don't leave facebook! It's a great one stop shop for updates! :)

Talysa said...

Love this story Tracy! So happy for the three of you...and yes, I fear a minivan is in your future like it or not. I remember that day vividly...I almost cried saying goodbye to my car. :-)